Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moderate Expectations

Current Reading: Coyote Frontier by Allen Steele.

Inspirational Quote: "This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force." -- Dorothy Parker.

So, what is Ithaka?

It's a personal blog, which means that if you're looking for anything more interesting than observations, opinions and commentary from my individual perspective, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you. Of course, given the scope of the world-wide web and the popularity of blogging, odds are good that any information I might provide has already been supplied and discussed. Any opinion I hold has probably already been proclaimed and defended. It is possible that I will do these things more eloquently. It is equally possible that I will not. Life's a crap shoot.

If you're looking for details about my life (why on Earth would you do that?), I have to disappoint you again. I could blog about my life, but I doubt it is interesting enough to hold your attention. Sometimes it is barely interesting enough to hold mine.

Instead, herewith, my thoughts on writing, popular science, current events and anything else that strikes with sufficient force as to require expression. Once in a while, I will try to be funny.

My plan, at this point, is to write entries weekly. We'll see how well that goes.

In the news:

Miley Cyrus has a book deal. It's going to be a memoir. Although I imagine she's had more happen in her fifteen years than I've had happen in over forty, this is one I won't be picking up. Of course, I'm thirty years out of her target demographic so it's not like anyone's going to notice.

Evil Editor celebrates two years of query and opening critiques, although that doesn't describe all he does. Nor does it give any indication how much fun it is to read his blog. If you're a writer, hoping to be published, and you're not reading EE, then you should. Happy anniversary, EE.


mlh said...

Finally! You're blogging! I've been a bit curious of your take on things outside agents' blogs.

I actually find it refreshing to read a blog without a beggar's hand wanting free information and training techniques. To just sit back and enjoy someone else's prospective that at times I will agree with and at other times argue over, it will be a good read however you come to write it.

I will be patiently waiting for more insight from Ulysses. Great to see you out and about from Homer's poem.

Ulysses said...

Thanks for dropping by, mlh.

My take on things? For details, you'll have to get specific. In general, though, I agree with Gandhi: "What do you think of Western Civilization?"
"I think it would be a good idea."

mlh said...

I have no specifics per se, mere curiosity on the generalizations other people might have outside my little imperfect world called: me, myself, and I. Bluntly put, burst my ego bubble that the world revolves around me and inform me of what goes on in the minds of others.

Ulysses said...

Mostly dial tone.