Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Current Reading: Archaeology Magazine, May/June 2008

Inspirational Quote: "I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can." -- Ernest Hemmingway

The caves at Lascaux, France are slowly being destroyed by bacteria, fungi and moisture. The caves are the first UNESCO world heritage site and home of the most beautiful and moving prehistoric cave paintings on the planet. They have been endangered largely through bureaucratic and political mismanagement. Contact the International Committee for the Preservation of Lascaux for more information and a chance to help.

For the first time in almost a decade, the NYT bestseller list is missing a Harry Potter book. Like them, hate them, or remain indifferent to them, they have had a considerable impact on modern culture.

Interesting things about this next one:
1) I haven't been able to find coverage in any of the major news providers, just an article here.
2) The remarks were made a month ago. What? Nobody noticed until now?

At a lecture to high-school students, Stephen King said, "If you can read you can walk into a job later on. If you don't, then you've got the Army, Iraq - I don't know." The army has responded: "America's Soldiers are proudly serving and fighting for us all. We can be proud of our Soldiers' selfless service, their skill and their ingenuity. They certainly are role models for every high-school student in America considering a noble career . . . and many book authors." While the Army's statement is unquestionably correct, I notice they didn't challenge King's assertion that although illiteracy will disqualify you from most jobs, the military is not one of them. I can draw many conclusions from this, some of them funny, most of them accurate, and none of them very kind.

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