Friday, June 26, 2009

Books Read 2008

The following are books I completed in 2008. I'm putting them here in order to keep the Reading List from growing so large that I can't get useful, at-a-glance information from it.

081226-Nation, Pratchett[5]
081219-Last Lecture, Pausch[4]
081212-Agent to the Stars, Scalzi[3]
081207-Digging Leviathan, Blaylock[2]
081107-The Write Track, Wylie[2]
081030-Slipt, Foster[3]
081022-Sad Cypress, Christie[3]
081019-Ice Station Zebra, MacLean(3)
081002-Doomsday Book, Willis(3)
080812-The Last Colony, Scalzi(4)
080719-Incompetence, Grant(3)
080703-Making Money, Pratchett(5)
080622-The Return of Santiago, Resnick(3)
080620-Fat, Grant(4)
080616-The Ghost Brigades, Scalzi(4)
080614-Old Man's War, Scalzi(4)
080608-Chindi, mcDevitt(3)
080519-The Android's Dream, Scalzi(4)
080510-Archaeology Magazine May/Jun08(4)
080505-Winter Tides, Blaylock(2)
080425-Coyote Frontier, Steele(4)
080228-Mind Over Mood, Greenberger(4)
080220-Whitechapel Gods, Stirling(3)
080208-F&SF Dec07(3)
080126-Recovery Man, Rusch(3)
080123-On Writing, King(5)
080122-The Aeneid, Virgil(2)
080110-Fullmetal Alchemist #9, Arakawa(3)

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