Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick! Post Something Before Someone Thinks You've Died!

My apologies for the recent run of whitespace. I am currently experiencing temporal dislocation (I can't find the time).

However, I'll be back with something pithy/witty/deep/nonsensical/musical/clairvoyant/hydrophobic/iconoclastic/sympathetic/pathetic/subjective/objective/massive/prehensile/masculine/porcine/bovine/flatulent... or at least free-associative before the approaching weekend.

In the immortal words of Han Solo: "We're all fine here... uh, how are you?"
So: uh, how are you?


slcard said...

I'm awesome. Thanks for asking.

p.s. So glad to learn you haven't died.

Ulysses said...

You're welcome.

It's always a relief to scan the paper and discover my obituary is conspicuously absent.