Monday, October 18, 2010

I Wonder What He'd Charge?

Inspirational Quote: ""It turns out writers are now a dime a dozen but house painters are becoming rare . . . I will make more money painting three houses a year than I would if I wrote three bestsellers." -- Farley Mowat

I came across this quote here. I remember reading Lost in the Barrens and the Curse of the Viking Grave, although it's been so many years that I doubt I'd be able to tell you anything more about them than the titles.

All in all, an interesting fellow.


maine character said...

Thanks for the quote and the link. I've always loved Mowatt - especially The Boat That Wouldn't Float.

Ulysses said...

He captures the spirit of my country so well... and I bet he paints a heck of a house too.