Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time Marches On...

...and it's left footprints all over my face.

Whaddaya mean it's been 2 weeks since my last post? Impossible. It's only been... a couple of... days. Right? Days? Maybe a week, tops. Ten days at the outside.

Reader's Digest version of things going through my head:

November is National Adoption Month here in the True North. Adoption is a cause near to my heart. Think about it while I try to find time to compose a suitable missive.

James Frey is up to no good. Again. Why is a respected academic institution inviting a fraud to speak to its students anyway?

Nathan Bransford, a man whose endeavors in the blogosphere are directly responsible for my own efforts, abandoned agenting for a "real" job. I wish him well. I also wish I'd sent him a query just so I could have one of his rejections. I suspect they're going to become collector's items.

There's a "new" black hole in the sky. They're fascinating objects: little knots in space-time, pin pricks in the universe.

I've read some good books lately, so my Book Reports are behind too. While I'm collecting my thoughts about stuff, tell me:

1) What are you reading right now?
2) How many books do you read a year?


Faye Davies said...

Hi Ulysses,

I liked your comment on Bransford's website.

1) I'm reading a Spanish book, Laura y Julia, by Juan José Millas. Not really because I like him, but because I have to keep up my Spanish. I also figured anything would read blandly after All the King's Men, which I've just finished and loved.

2) I read slowly because I have to hear the language in my head - so I reckon only about 15. That suits me because I'm pretty fussy.

I'm also busy writing one novel and editing another, which I'm posting here:

Ulysses said...

Thanks, Faye.

My Spanish has suffered dramatically since lessons ended. Although I believe I can still count to ten.

I've been considering challenging myself to read 52 books in a year, but I suspect that's something I wouldn't be able to fit into my life right now. As it is, I'm having trouble managing one a month.