Thursday, January 1, 2009

Year-End Round Up

Current Reading: The Sculptress, by Minette Walters

Inspirational Quote: "Fast away the old year passes, falala lala lala..." -- Deck the Halls, a Christmas Carol.

As I mentioned in my comments on Kelly Osbourne's memoire, I don't really see the point in looking back on anything until you've reached the end. So today is as good a reason to look back as any.


Best Movie I've Seen: Wall-E. Reminded me a lot of the old Laurel and Hardy shorts, only more developed and with robots.
Worst: The Love Guru. No disrespect to Mike Myers and company, but the story in this was just an excuse to frame jokes I stopped laughing at when I was in high-school. Every time he looked, smiled or winked for the camera, I wanted to slap him.

Best Book I've Read: A toss up between Nation and The Last Lecture. Both ask you to think about who you are and what you need, the latter also gives you an excuse to tear up and wonder why you're not a better person.
Worst: Digging Leviathan.

Best Song I've Heard: Coldplay's Viva La Vida. They have a unique sound that comes through in Clocks, Speed of Sound and Viva La Vida. Mindless pop? Yes, but a neat tune to hear on the drive to work or back.
Worst: Any rap song my kids forced me to listen to that mentioned murder, gangsters or more four-letter words than you're likely to hear from a teamster who's just stubbed his toe.

Best Television Show I've Seen: Cities of the Underworld. This one's on the History Channel here in Canada. It's an archaeology show exploring the buried remains of ancient cities. Caveat: I don't watch much television. I catch the occasional episode of this, a few cartoons, and every episode of Heroes. That's about it. If you're looking for an informed television critic, try this guy.
Worst: The Brave and the Bold, a Batman cartoon that insults any fan of the 90's animated series.


Best News I've Heard: Barak Obama. The citizens of the United States somehow elected a president smarter than a tree.
Worst: The economy hasn't hit bottom yet.

Personal Stuff:

Best Thing that Happened: A day at Canada's Wonderland with my family. The boys are finally big enough for the "ride anything" wrist band, and we could have spent another two days there doing just that. Cassandra (my four-year old daughter) spent the day in the Children's Village and everyone enjoyed the splash park.
Worst: Yesterday, I got into a 3-car accident and received news that my cancer-stricken uncle died. Not a good day.

Most Fun Thing I've Done: Watched my children grow up. Telemachus is now fourteen and beginning to think thoughts I almost understand. Aeneas (my younger son) is smart and funny and doesn't want us to know. Cassandra takes joy in almost everything. I wish I hadn't waited until I was almost forty to become a Dad.
Least: Taken Aeneas to the hospital for a football-related wrist injury. Wait times are slight longer than a geologic epoch.

New Year's Resolution: To finally finish the Magnus Somnium and start something new.

Happy 2009, everyone. May all your worsts be behind you, and all your bests ahead.


slcard said...

Wow, Ulysses, you've managed to make me laugh and feel sad all in one post. You really are gifted.

So sorry about your uncle and your accident.


Ulysses said...

You weren't responsible for either of them, SL, so no need to be sorry.

Jack Schnerk said...

Might I recommend a couple of books to you?

Hell in a Very Small Place

Street Without Joy

Both written by Bernard Fall.

Ulysses said...

Sure, Jack.
Um, why?
With titles like that, they seem quite, er... jolly.