Monday, March 30, 2009

An Interstitial Post

Current Reading: A Critter's Manuscript (still).

Inspirational Quote: "I have nothing to say And I am saying it And that is poetry." -- John Cage

I've been kicking around possible topics for a post for about two weeks now.

Unfortunately, I still don't have one and for the life of me I don't have a good excuse.

I've considered posting something funny, but the few ramblings I've put down have interested me to the point that I find myself thinking they'd be worth serious work. They deserve to become short stories:

"When yet another barbarian shows up to pillage the Temple of the Dark God, the temple caretaker has to balance defence with the needs of a God who's spent a little too long alone in the dark."

"When his orphan nephew refuses to leave the farm in search of adventure, Uncle Jed turns to the local watering hole for solace. Unfortunately, he discovers that his problems are far from unique."

I haven't done news commentary or a science-related post in ages, either. Unfortunately, the news is sufficiently dire that I have difficulty finding an entertaining angle and recent science news just hasn't excited me that much.

As for the more serious stuff, there's only so much a man can produce before going mad, throwing up, or writing a romance. I have no desire, at this point, to do any of those.

Still... I'm alive, and the blog is alive and here are almost 250 words to prove it.

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