Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pictures of Inspiration

Current Reading: Best New Fantasy, ed. by Sean Wallace

Inspirational Quote: "No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is... to write, not to think!" -- William Forrester (Sean Connery).

I guess it's not that odd, given that all films must begin life as a story that someone writes, how many movies have writers as main characters. Writers are told to write what they know, and one thing they certainly know is how to be a writer.

There exist some films which I've found inspiring. They didn't teach me anything. I didn't walk away from them being a better writer, but they did make me feel like becoming a better writer. They gave me a little motivational boost. Their titles are below.

Are there some movies or films that have inspired or motivated you (I think in terms of writing, but anything will do)?

Finding Forrester
The Dead Poets Society


slcard said...

I've been trying to think of something, but I can't. I really liked both of those movies, however, and I'm all for writing with the heart first.

But really, Happy Anniversary, Captain! Twenty years, isn't it? (I have this odd ability to remember occasions, plus it was about a year ago that Nathan Bransford first directed me here, and that was the first post I read. Also, my anniversary is the 30th, so I associated.) Speaking of Nathan Bransford, I highly recommend, among other efforts you might make today, that you change your shirt.

In other news... an online critiquing group has been formed for those who were part of the Anticipation writers workshop (and you just can't imagine how pleased I am with this). The coordinator of the original workshop has been keeping an eye on us, and she posted a link that she believed would be helpful to everyone. It is called the White List, and it lists every (or as many as like to be) blogs by authors and editors etc. She recommended we use it to network. In case you were unaware, I'm leaving the links here for you. Plus, you might want to be added. They are:

for A-M, and

for N-Z

Enjoy your day!

Ulysses said...

I don't write with the heart. I write with the computer. It's less... messy.

Yes, 20y. And for the record, I've changed my shirt every day for each of them. And I launder.

Thanks for the lists, and I am definitely considering being added.

slcard said...

You knew I was joking about the shirt, right?

Ulysses said...


slcard said...