Monday, May 17, 2010

I Don't Make Up The News... I Just Report It.

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Today's Toronto Star carried a story about a woman who is suing Rogers Wireless.

It seems that she had a personal cell phone in her maiden name with a Rogers account. Rogers offered her husband one of their bundling options where he could get his home phone, cable, internet and cell phones all on one bill and save a few dollars as a result. He went for it, and his first bill contained several hour-long calls to a number he didn't recognize. He investigated, discovered his wife's affair, and then he left.

She claims Rogers ruined her marriage.

What follows is my opinion on the matter:

Um, no.

Rogers Wireless just exposed her infidelity. Had she kept her pants on, she'd still be married. Now, had Rogers Wireless seduced her in a moment of weakness with a video invitation (delivered by cable), taken compromising pictures (with a cell phone) and then e-mailed them (internet) to her husband... THEN she'd have reason to sue.

Please don't assume that I think her husband's flawless. When he discovered her affair, he abandoned her and their children (which I find reprehensible), and it may be that some action or behavior of his made her susceptible to another man's charms. Regardless, Roger's ain't at fault here.

It'll be interesting to see if the Canadian Legal Establishment agrees with me.

I love the human species. Not just because I'm a lifetime member, either. I love it because, whenever I find myself without something to write about, someone on this wonderful planet comes up with something absurd enough to catch my attention.

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