Thursday, March 11, 2010

A New Word For Your Lexicon

Snowball (v):

In e-mail communications, the tendency of an e-mail chain's "cc" list to grow beyond sensible bounds. It occurs when one or more addressees believe that there are other contacts who ought to be aware of the chain's existence, or the contents of the e-mails. They proceed to "reply all" and add new contacts to the "cc" list. As the "cc" list grows, so does the likelihood that a large percentage of those on it:
1) No longer care about the chain's subject.
2) Never cared about it.
3) Will develop an active dislike of the addressee who added their name, and will do their best to forward to the originator all future correspondence involving Nigerian banks, "relationship enhancement supplements" and stupid crap sent to them by casual acquaintances in the mistaken belief that said missives are "funny," or "poignant."

...sigh. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go take a bulldozer to my inbox.


annerallen said...

Just jumped over here after reading your clever take on Homer's hero at Moonrat's blog. Love this. And of course, the Chuck Norris homage.

Ulysses said...

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by.